Donations to the Staunton Community Based Outpatient Clinic

Our Veterans Chair and Regent deliver needed items to the Clinic on "Delivery Day" along with members of other chapters in District VI.

Wreath Laying at Memorial Day Celebration

Area VFW groups sponsor the annual Memorial Day event at the Bandstand in Gypsy Hill Park.  The ceremony includes a special speaker and the wreath laying ceremony, as well as special patriotic music performed by the Stonewall Brigade Band.

Fourth of July Float in Parade

Gypsy Hill Park is always the site of the Fourth of July Parade.  Hundreds of folks line the perimeter to admire and cheer for the patriotic floats!!  We gave out many small flags that day.

California Daughter Conducts Pearl Harbor Day at Chevron’s Headquarters in San Ramon, CA.

 Member Leslie Emma planned a splendid program to honor our veterans of Pearl Harbor.  Leslie is seen here with WWII Vet Chuck Kohler.

Naturalization Ceremony

 This chapter honors people who go through the process of becoming naturalized citizens. This picture shows the ceremony at the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton.  

Flag Retirement Ceremony

Our chapter invited area Boy and Girl Scouts to participate in a Flag Retirement Ceremony at a local elementary school which explains the proper way to dispose of worn flags.

Preserving our Nation's History

Constitution Week

 Students at a local elementary school commemorate the Constitutional Convention in their celebration of Constitution Week, a national holiday mandated by the US Congress. 

Photo courtesy of  Mary Heishman

Grave Marking

In recent years, our chapter has marked the grave sites of some of our local Revolutionary soldiers with a ceremony and a memorial plaque.

Preserving Old Documents

Member Laten Bechtel,  as a member of the Augusta County Genealogical Society’s Courthouse Volunteer Group, has spent countless hours in the Augusta County Courthouse organizing, copying, cataloging, and indexing delicate old documents.  In order to preserve original records, copies have been made for the use of the public in historical and genealogical research. 

Photo Courtesy of Laten Bechtel.


Donation of Books to Elementary School

First and second grade teachers receive Buddy Books for classroom use.


Member Betty Clemmer works with children at a local homeless shelter in an after-school program.

One of Our Annual Scholarship Recipients

Our chapter has given annual $1000 scholarships to area high school seniors over the past several years.

Membership Information 

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